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Surgery Research News

Grant Funding News for Dr. Nicholson! (2017-01-12)

Congratulations to Carla Zeballos, MD (2016-12-19)

Congratulations to Hallie Baer, MD! (2016-11-05)

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Recent publications

Fearing CM, Melton DW, Lei X, Hancock H, Wang H, Sarwar ZU, Porter L, McHale M, McManus LM, Shireman PK. Increased adipocyte area in injured muscle with aging and impaired remodeling in female mice. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2016 Aug;71(8):992-1004. View the abstract

Salhanick MA, Sams VG, Pidcoke HF, Fedyk CG, Scherer MR, Dubick MA, Dent DL, Cap AP, Schwacha MG. Shed pleural blood from traumatic hemothorax contains elevated levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Shock. 2016 Aug;46(2):144-8. View the abstract

Dietch ZC, Duane TM, Cook CH, O'Neill PJ, Askari R, Napolitano LM, Namias N, Watson CM, Dent DL, Edwards BL, Shah PM, Guidry CA, Davies SW, Willis RN, Sawyer RG. Obesity is not associated with antimicrobial treatment failure for intra-abdominal infection. Surg Infect (Larchmt). 2016 Aug;17(4):412-21. View the abstract

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Research Publications


Surgery Research - Publications of Historic Note


Aust, JB. Presidential Address to the Southern Surgical Association, December 2000: Odyssey of an Academic Surgeon. (Ann Surg. 2001 May; 233(5): 597-602.)


Aust JB, McFee AS. University of Texas Health Science Center (Commentary). (Arch Surg. 2005;140:526-528)


McFee AS. Presidential Address to the Western Surgical Association: Lessons (Archives of Surgery May 2006)


Pruitt, BA. Presidential Address to the Southern Surgical Association: Combat Casualty Care and Surgical Progress. (Annals of Surgery 2006;243: 715-729)


Other Publications

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